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It was one fine day when I was exploring Mosman on the northern shore of Sydney Harbour when I stumbled across a rather nice boutique selling good quality and on trend leather goods and silver jewellery. I couldn’t help myself, so I bought these cute and quirky triangle stud earrings.  It is the perfect go-to when you are buying a gift for someone or just a wee treat for yourself. Everything is reasonably priced and its a new and exciting product,  its different to everything else out there. It stands out, I guarantee as soon as you walk in the store and smell the fresh flowers or try on the petite stackable rings you will be hooked. Keep on reading to find out more about these Estonian beauties and how AIJA was created. What sparked the idea for AIJA, where did it all start? It wasn’t exactly a sudden light bulb moment.. more like an evolutionary process. We had some leather at home and were experimenting with different things.. skirts, dresses, bags etc… the bags …


Introducing FUSED by SKYY. If you are anything like me, than you would kill for a #notsosweet natural and fresh beverage. Now, I am not the biggest drinker but when I do, I like a soft, easy to drink beverage and that’s why I was delighted to be apart of the SKYY campaign. It’s just so easy and accessible, a pre made fusion of three different flavours, you have Cucumber and Mint, Soda and Squeezed Lime and Homestyle Lemonade with a Splash of Bitters. Why buy  3-4 different ingredients and mixers when you can easily grab a SKYY out of the fridge, pour into a glass with crushed ice and you are good to go, refreshing and a tasty drink at your finger tips! Shop here: Vodka FUSED by SKYY,  Swim by Cantik Swimwear. Shot at Manly Beach Australia

Hello Future

Isn’t it just the best feeling completing something you set out to do a year earlier. A whole weight lifted off your shoulders and that feeling of relief and achievement. Its finally here, time to tick that box off! So the past 12 months I have been studying Certificate IV in Business, Major in Fashion at Orana Fashion Business College, located in Ultimo, Sydney. This course was the best decision I made last year and has helped me start my career in fashion like I always wanted. A couple of my highlights so far have been the people I met through interning and paid jobs through college. I have worked on numerous photoshoots as assistant stylist now and the list of celebrities I have worked with are excitingly growing! They include the amazing Samantha Jade who won X-Factor, Montana Cox who was on ANTM, Jesinta Campbell who was Miss Universe 2010, Jessica Mauboy who was on Australian Idol, Jessica Gomes who is the David Jones ambassador, James Tobin who is an Australian TV presenter and …

Sincerely Jules

Sincerely Jules is my go to insta stalk every day. She just has this casual chic style about her which I connect with. Of course it would be a dream come true if I could get to her level of achievements in the industry. Ive prepared a little over view of Julie Sarinana’s journey in the blogging world. Sincerely Jules was established in February 2009 as a creative outlet for her thoughts, style and inspirations. Jules has contributed to and has been featured in:,, E! News, Lucky Magazine, Teen Vogue and Cosmopolitan Latina. Your welcome. Sourced from

Raising awareness for epilepsy

Purple Day! Creating awareness globally every year on March 26th by wearing  purple. Purple Day was founded in 2008, by nine-year-old Cassidy Megan of Nova Scotia, Canada. Motivated by her own struggles with epilepsy, Cassidy started Purple Day in an effort to get people talking about the disorder and inform those with seizures that they are not alone. Wow it just gets you thinking of how powerful your thoughts and actions can really be. An 8 year old pushed for this and proved anything is possible.  Help create awareness for epilepsy by wearing the colour purple or the purple ribbon, but don’t stop there, if you are really passionate about this cause, get adventurous and maybe even colour your hair!

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Henri Donat Mathieu Saint Laurent, the 17 year old son of an insurance company manager, left school to work for French designer Christian Dior. The start of something magical in the fashion industry, he would then go on to be one of the most celebrated designers in history. 1954, Saint Laurent was introduced to designer Christian Dior by Michel De Brunoff, the editor of French Vogue. 1957, Yves Saint Laurent landed the job of Haute Couture designer when Dior died. At the young age of 21, he launched a spring collection for the fashion house and gained critical acclaim for his dresses as the head of the House of Dior. 1960, Unfortunately the next few years of his life weren’t as bright, Yves Saint Laurent was conscripted into the french army. Suffering from stress he got sent to a mental hospital to undergo psychiatric treatment. Yves Saint Laurent’s army duties lasted a whole 20 days. 1962, Saint Laurent over came his nervous break down, departed Dior and started his own label YSL. Not long …

Be my baby jean boyfriend

So……… I have myself a pair of boyfriend jeans and I couldn’t help but get this sensation of feeling slightly cool now that I own a pair.. That’s what got me thinking, I have never felt that before. Sure, when ever I buy new clothes I always want to wear it straight away and photograph it to show the world, but I didn’t expect to ever feel “cool” or “finally accepted”. One thing I don’t like is how some people categorise others by their fashion choices. I believe every one needs to find their own style, we all have it, it’s just buried away by all the outside influences from people around us and social media, magazines and television etc. Anyway, I hope this inspires you to dress how you feel and dig up your personal style. Of course everyone wants to be on trend but you still have your core style. For instance mine is quite minimal, I love white, black, grey and denim. I will occasionally mix it up with a burst of colour …